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Article published by Kristina on 2016-03-23
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How do you cook a Fondue Bourguignonne? Or mix a Side Car? The handcerchiefs can give you the answers.

Many Swiss handkerchiefs made of a very fine quality and with handrolled hems have motifs and texts with recipes for food and drinks. Collectible!!!

On the handkerchiefs there can be menus, lists of calories, quality guides for wine, … You can even get advice about curing a hangover. Are they really meant for the nose or are they just collectibles? They really are decorative!!

Some handkerchiefs are probably not real hankies. They are just printed for a certain event with special menus or advertising a restaurant. If they have the right size and the right cloth they are sorted as handkerchiefs.

My food and drinks handkerchiefs:

A Swiss meat dish

Rating 4.9 (12 votes).

Riz Casimir

Rating 4.9 (16 votes).

7 day miracle diet

Rating 4.5 (12 votes).


Rating 4.0 (27 votes).


Rating 3.2 (13 votes).


Rating 4.4 (27 votes).


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