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The current selection contains 11 hankies out of totally 2426 in my museum. 20 hankies per page are shown.

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Autumn colours

Rating 3.8 (16 votes).

The flaring autumn colours

Rating 4.0 (22 votes).

Autumn leaves

Rating 3.5 (30 votes).

Small applied leaves

Rating 3.0 (21 votes).

Blue leaves

Rating 3.3 (28 votes).

Autumn leaves

Rating 3.8 (22 votes).

Leaves - but not autumn leaves

Rating 3.2 (25 votes).

Clover leaves in green and white

Rating 4.0 (23 votes).

Leaves on netlace

Rating 3.3 (15 votes).

Blue/grey shades

Rating 4.2 (20 votes).

Printed leaves

Rating 3.9 (31 votes).
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