Shaving towels

Do you remember your father´s razor and shaving-soap? Your father´s shaving-time with hotwater and shaving-towel? In the summer the shaving was outdoors, in the winter often at the basin in the kitchen. Afterwards his cheeks were soft and his after-shave lotion smelt nice.

A common present from a wife to his husband, from a daughter to her father and from a grandchild to her grandfather, was a shaving-towel with coloured border and a funny text. Many towels were bought from two big Swedish mail-order companies, AB Oscar Ahrén and Åhlen&Holm, Insjön. In 1943 you could buy a towel for 0,70 SEK.

The shaving-towels you find today are of two kinds, those with damages from the sharp edges and those not used at all.perhaps kept as dear memories.

The texts often are humorous, like the pictures. Many have exhortations about the shaving-kiss, some have exhortations about the sharp edges.

Today I have about 100 different shaving-towels. Here you can look at them! Click on the thumbnails below to view the images with more details.

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