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Tatting is a technique for producing a kind of lace by a shuttle or a crochet hook. The term frivolity comes from French and means frivolous. Perhaps it is referred to the light and airy lace , or it refers to the superficial talks held during the tatting work.

The first writings about tatting came in the 18th century. The shuttle that was about 20 cm long, and the hand position was different from today, when we use a smaller vessel, often made in plastic, and a needle with a hook. At first tatting was made for collars and handkerchiefs.

Technically tatting is in the same group as macramé lace and filé. The patterns are made up of rings and arcs in combination (no figures). You start from a square pattern or a drawing where double knots are highlighted.

Today handkerchiefs with wide tatted lace are highly valued. A tiny lace handkerchief always gives a neat impression.

In the US, you now pay 25 -45 dollars for an older tatted hanky. Quite elaborate and wide lace are very expensive.

Examples of tatting handkerchiefs:

Handmade embroidery and tatting

Rating 4.8 (6 votes).

Four tatting handkerchiefs

Rating 4.0 (6 votes).

Neat tatting

Rating 3.7 (3 votes).

Airy tatted lace and Irish linen

Rating 3.9 (9 votes).

Pink and light blue bobbin lace

Rating 3.9 (11 votes).

Airy tatted lace

Rating 4.9 (14 votes).

Oldfashioned but newly made

Rating 4.0 (13 votes).

An own creation

Rating 3.3 (12 votes).

Tatted lace and hemstitches

Rating 4.1 (17 votes).

Wide tatted lace

Rating 3.6 (22 votes).

Tatted lace and hemstitches

Rating 3.4 (12 votes).

Tatting lace

Rating 3.4 (24 votes).

Flower appliqué and tatting

Rating 3.7 (34 votes).


Rating 4.2 (32 votes).

Linen with tatting

Rating 4.0 (34 votes).

A rose and tatting

Rating 4.1 (38 votes).


Rating 4.9 (43 votes).


Rating 4.9 (32 votes).


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