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I have always been interested in and fascinated by 'women's wasted labour'. Imagine all the work spent to decorate the textiles in a home. The first needlework I admired was my Grandmother's laundry-bag, beautifully embroidered in red and green. And there were all my mother´s tablecloths with intricate patterns. I often visited the embroidery shop in my town. Imagine buying stiff pure linen, a nice coloured pattern and embroidery cotton in a lot of colours and then starting to create. I got the habit of embroidering in my leisure time.

Later I bought embroideries from the fleamarkets, almost all the time for just a dollar. The work of women has no great value. Once I happened to buy a beautiful hanky-bag, and soon I discovered ?hankies. You can´t imagine how many nice hankies you can find. Often white, nicely handembroidered and monogrammed and made in Sweden, but also airy hankies from Switzerland, hankies with gorgeous monograms from Madeira, with Brussellace fromBelgium, extravagant embroideries from Asia and glossy linen-hankies from Ireland. You can go on forever.

I had found my 'niche'. Today I have more than 4000 handkerchiefs. I have got a lot of new knowledge and a lot of new friends. Many persons have given me their treasures and I have discovered Ebay, a fantastic auctionsite. A couple of small exhibitions made me think of a virtual museum. Here it is! Please mail me! I am looking forward to getting new contacts.


You can contact me using the address below.

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